How to Supercharge Samsung Galaxy Note 10

How to Supercharge Samsung Galaxy Note 10

So there’s no doubt that the Samsung galaxy note 10 is probably one of my favourite devices. But it’s been out for a little while now and you know sometimes with phones the longer they’ve been out the slower they can get. so this tutorial is going to be dedicated to speeding this thing up and making it run like a beast.

I’m going to go through a couple of steps you can take to make sure your Samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10 plus run as efficiently as possible. the cool thing about this is it works whether you’re buying it brand new or you’ve had it for a little while. These tips are not Samsung specific so you can actually use them on any android phone. The menus may be in different locations so follow along do some searching and I’m sure you guys can figure it out on your android device.

The first things we’re actually going to do is reduce some of the animations on screen.  So that it looks like everything is moving just a little bit faster

1- Go to the settings and scroll down to advanced features and you have a reduce animation option here and you just tick that on. So what’s it’s going to do is just eliminate some of the extra animations that you get when you go in and out of menus. Makes everything move just a little bit faster.

2- Samsung galaxy note are pretty big phones so it’s hard for you to always reach up and try to pull down your notification centre. Here we have a cool way for you to actually be able to swipe down from anywhere on the phone to get to the notification centre. For this just tap and hold anywhere on your home screen. Then you’re going to go to home screen settings and then you just want to make sure the swipe down for notification panel is selected. In that way, no matter where you are on the screen if you just swipe down your notification panel automatically comes down.

3- Next thing we’re going to do is to reduce the animations even further by going into the developer’s menu and reduce it directly from the root of the phone.  So you want to go into your settings you’re going to scroll all the way down to about phone. Now go to software information and you’re basically just going to keep tapping your build number. it’s going to count down it’ll ask for your pin and that’s going to enable the developer’s mode. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll have the developers option appear there click on that. Then you’re going to scroll through this entire menu until we get to the window animation scale, transition animation scale, and animator duration scale change these to 0.5.

4-  Settings and then we’re gonna go into where it says device care and in device care, there’s like these three little dots right on top if you click on that and you go into advanced. then you have your auto-optimization here the auto-optimization is basically just clearing out all the information cached and data to make sure your phone runs as optimal as possible go ahead and select that menu to turn it on.

5- In the same advanced menu, you want to look at the auto-restart as well because restarting your phone at least once a week is definitely recommended to make sure your phone is running at optimal performance. So you want to go ahead and power this on and it’s going to be the same thing you don’t need to select more than once a week. So I usually select like a Sunday the beginning of the week.

6- In same device care menu we’re going to go to the battery this time and in the battery, you have the app power management option. So in this option what I want you to select is in the advanced area and that’s going to be put on used apps to sleep. Any application that’s not being currently used won’t run in the background. It’s basically going to put those apps to sleep and only authorize those apps to be used when you open the applications themselves. you can actually click on the app option here and you’ll see that the applications that have been added to this list automatically appear. But you can also add any additional applications that you don’t want running in the background. Just add that to the list and this further optimizes your phone.

7- But if battery life is really not your concern and you want the most powerful speed performance and graphics. Then definitely you want to switch from optimized to high performance that’s going to get the most out of your processor. it’s going to get the most out of your ram is going to get the most out of this phone completely that coupled with everything. This makes everything faster by reducing the animations and optimizing the phone within the high-performance mode. so turning on a high-performance mode it gives you some settings and then you just basically apply those settings. it adjusted your CPU it adjusted your ram. basically, now your phone is coupled for moving at a high-performance rate. Just making sure that you keep your system as updated.


So these steps I’ve detailed in this tutorial can get your phone running super-efficient and as fast as possible. I’m sure you’re going to see a lot of jump in performance and just really make you enjoy using your phone.

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