Server and PHP Installation

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to create dynamic websites and applications. A web server is required to run the PHP code. So to learn PHP you have to daily work on running PHP code on the server. Working with an online server for daily learning is not a good option.  For the learning purpose, you have needed a local server that is easy to set up and doesn’t have an extra cost.


To run a PHP code, you needed:

  • A working web host with PHP and MySQL support.
  • Else you can install PHP and MySQL on your own computer.

Working with PHP on the online Webserver

  • You need to have a working web server with PHP support.
  • Just create and open a .php file on your server, now paste and run your first PHP code.
  • If the server has Php support then it doesn’t require any extra tools to run your code.
  • Most of the modern web servers offer support for PHP code.

Run PHP Code on Computer

Requirements to run PHP code on your local computer:

  • Install PHP
  • Install a web server
  • Install a database, such as MySQL

Software Solutions for easy Installation

If you don’t want to download and set up the servers and databases. Then software packages have an easy solution for you.  Just download and install local servers available on the Internet such as WAMP, XAMPP, and  Zend Server.


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