Python Introduction

Python is an object-oriented programming language first released in 1991.

Uses of Python:

  • Software development
  • Web development
  • Mathematics
  • System scripting

Why to Learn Python?

Python is a very high-level interactive programming language. Today Python is used in the software and web development fields for creating complex problem-solving solutions.

Python can work on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac, etc).

Python is interpreted so doesn’t require compilation before the execution of the program.

Python supports the new object-oriented approach of programming.

Use Python prompt to directly write your program.

Python is easy to learn programming language which supports the development of various applications.

What can Python do?

  • It can be used for creating server-side web applications.
  • It can connect you to databases for performing various file operations.
  • Python can perform complex mathematics.
  • Python can handle large data if compare with other languages.

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