jQuery Introduction

jQuery is a feature-rich, fast, and lightweight Javascript library. jQuery saves your time by simplifying JavaScript code. The use of jQuery simplifies the task of event handling, traversing, animating, and Ajax interactions for quick web development.

List of important features supported by jQuery:-

Event Handling – With jQuery you can capture a variety of events like clicking a button or a link without messing up with your HTML code.

Lightweight – jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that is under 250kb.

Animations – Use built-in jQuery animation to add effects on your website.

Dom Manipulation – Manipulate DOM elements and their attributes with the help of jQuery.

Cross Browser Support – jQuery has cross-browser support and works fine on all modern browsers.

CSS Animation – Create a complex CSS animation with a few jQuery lines.

Advantages of Using jQuery

jQuery is a feature-rich Javascript library which comes with the below advantages:-

  • Simplifies your code by solving complexity with few lines of code.
  • Easy to learn and execute jQuery functionality.
  • Supports available in all major browsers.
  • Save lots of time by using the inbuilt jQuery effects and selectors.
  • jQuery library is free for download and use.

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