As we earlier told you, HTML is a markup language, and it uses different tags to display the structure of a webpage. The tag name is enclosed within a smaller than and a greater than symbol ex. <Tag Name>.

Most of the HTML tags have their corresponding closing tags except few tags. The example of start and end tags of HTML are <head>(Start Tag) and </head>(End Tag).

The above example of an HTML document uses the following tags –

<!DOCTYPE...> – The tag defines the type and version of the document.

<html> – It is the root element in html which comprise all other tags in between <html> and </html>.

<head> – The HTML head tag store all the meta-information about the document.

<title> – The <title> tag is used to mention the title of the document.

<body> – This tag contains all the display contents of a webpage.

<h1> – This tag is used to display the heading of the document.

<p> – All the paragraphs are displayed in between this tag.

Above are some most common tags used in the HTML document. For developing a perfect webpage, you need to learn and understand the behavior of different HTML tags. Html tags are not case sensitive, but w3c recommends using lowercase tags in HTML.

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