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How to Disable Automatic Updates on Window 10

Do you want to disable automatic updates on your Windows 10 operating system? So in this tutorial, we are going to show you how there’s a couple of ways you can go about blocking automatic updates on windows 10.

First of all, understand that we want those updates they do keep us safe they make sure that we have the latest patches against all those different vulnerabilities and keep the bad guys out of our system. But there are going to be times when we might want to prevent that for one reason or the other. Many times we don’t want the state of my machine changing over the course of a week. So maybe we want to disable them temporarily or just have a little more control over that update process.

Here when we talk about blocking automatic updates there are really two methods we can use. First is we can use my settings through my windows GUI or we can use a local group policy every Windows 10 machine has. The windows 10 pro machine has a local group policy we can also use that method.

Method to Disable Windows Updates by Settings

The first method we are going to show you will work on windows 10 pro as well as windows 10 home.  So if you’re running the home edition this is going to be the method you want to use. If you’re running pro you can use this method or the one we are going to show you after this method.

Let’s start by going to our start menu and we going to navigate into settings. Then click the little gear icon right there above that power option. All right so we’ll go into settings and in settings, we going to click on update and security. Now scroll down depending on how big your window and find that update and security section. Then click on that all right once we get into our windows update screen you can see a couple of things such as check for updates and pause updates options.  To pause updates might be a valid option for you if you’re just looking to temporarily disable those automatic updates. Simply click pause updates for seven days and you’ll see up top it notifies about the pausing update.

Pausing with this method is good if you don’t want to change your machine state. Now once you are ready for updates to resume you can either wait until the seven days expire or you can click resume updates for manually update OS. Things you got to remember with pausing updates is once you pause them it’s fine it will pause but as soon as the pause is over it will go check Microsoft updates. But make sure your system is kept up to date. Because that’s what keeps the system safe that’s how they get those important security updates out to your system.

Disable Updates Windows 10 PRO

In windows 10 pro now maybe seven days doesn’t work for you. So here we have advanced options that you can select to pause updates for longer. So let’s go ahead and click on the advanced options. On advanced options scroll down up to 35 days. Now we don’t stick with just seven days now we can pause up to to 35 days. Just click the button to enable 35-day pause on windows 10 pro. Here we have same as with the seven-day pause that resumes updates with one click which will turn off the pause and it will immediately check for update. So now you can pause it for seven days with a simple one-click or you can pause for up to 35 days using windows 10 pro.

All right so that’s one method for blocking updates notice none of that was permanent though at some point you will get updates at the end of the seven days or the end of the 35 days.  Now if you’re running a pro version you can disable automatic updates permanently where they will never try to do automatic updates. For that, you’re going to need to modify your local group policy.

How to Permanently Disable Automatic Updates on Window 10

Firstly go to your start menu and you can type in group policy. Now you’ll get the option to edit your group policy. Select edit group policy this opens up your local group policy editor and this policy are the settings that apply to your system. Every windows 10 pro machine has one of these policies.

Now, expand the computer configuration and select administrative templates node. Scroll all the way down to the bottom in administrative templates and choose windows components. Click the windows update now you’ll see a lot of settings appear in the middle area. Now look for a setting called configure automatic updates that’s the one we are looking right now.

To configure automatic updates we’re going to double click on that that’s going to open up this configure automatic updates policy.  In settings on the top left-hand corner what you’ll see is there are three options available not configured, enabled, and disabled. Now if you choose disabled you can disable automatic updates altogether.

So if you forget what we have been telling you then there is an explanation the right side. Go through that and read all about what’s going to happen if you choose the different options.  Choose disabled and then we’re going to click ok and that’s it you’ll notice that this screen now says disabled instead of not configured. Now windows will no longer attempt to do automatic updates you’ve turned it off completely.

You can still check manually right and that’s good to do we do want to get our updates we know they’re important we know that they keep our system safe. But now it’s on your schedule right it’s when you choose to do so be careful with this. So disabling automatic updates doesn’t prevent you from ever checking it just means the system not going to do it automatically. But you have to remember to do it manually so there you go that is how you can disable windows automatic updates in both windows 10 pro as well as windows 10 home.

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