Connect to Windows 10 Using OpenSSH Server

Connect to Windows 10 Using OpenSSH Server

Would you like to connect your Windows 10 remotely by using OpenSSH server? Then in this tutorial, we are going to show you how to get that OpenSSH server up and running on your Windows 10 desktop.

The first things that we’re gonna do is go to the windows tile at the bottom and right-click the start button and choose apps and features. Now, this will bring up your Windows settings apps and features location. Then look for the little optional features hyperlink just below apps and features. Click on this option and this will brings you to the optional features that are already installed in your Windows 10 machine.

However, we don’t have the OpenSSH server installed so what we’re gonna do is click the plus button at the top to add a feature.  When we click that you can scroll down they are alphabetic and you will find the OpenSSH server in the list. Hover over the item to get the install button and click install. Now it disappears but don’t be afraid it didn’t go anywhere if we choose the back button in the upper left-hand corner of our windows settings. Then you’ll see that the OpenSSH server is currently being installed and once it’s installed we can’t use it.

As you know we installed the service but what we need to do is we need to start the service and it doesn’t start by default. So go to the instant search field in the taskbar and type the word services.msc. Now this will allow you to open Microsoft services management console. In this console, you can search for the “OpenSSH SSH Server” from the list. Now double click to open it. Here you’re gonna notice that the service isn’t started by default.

So if you want this to start this service when the computer boots up just change the startup type from manual to automatic and click start. Once that’s done go ahead and choose the okay button.  Now every time you boot your Windows 10 machine OpenSSH server is running and listening out for SSH remote connections.

Let’s go ahead and test the functionality by switch over to Linux or some other system. So login to your Linux server and use SSH to connect to our Windows machine. Open the Linux shell and type the below command.

ssh [email protected]

ex-: ssh [email protected]

Type ssh space username on our Windows 10 machine and then an @ symbol and the IP address of our Windows 10 machine. Then it will ask you for windows password go ahead and type in the password. Once you prove your authentication you’re gonna notice that the Linux shell is now a Windows 10 prompt.

Now you find that you are in windows drive click the windows cmd to further access your drive in your own way. Do a cd\ and it takes all the way back to the root. With this way, you can access your windows directory by connecting with OpenSSH Server.

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